Boto3 config example

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Using this quickstart instruction install boto3 library and get credentials for it. Using this instruction grant access to your s3 bucket. Set your S3 bucket as public. Optionaly, add following parameter to prevent heavy logs from boto3 library:--log-handler=boto3.resources.action:WARNING

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Afterwards credentials, config files, … are being parsed. Now after we know how moto hooks into boto3 and how credentials are being read, these Once you are in a moto testing block (for example test function with moto decorator), you are pretty safe. Moto itself sets testing credentials in the...

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Basic Configuration boto3 use AWS CLI's configuration file by default. (.aws/config and .aws/credentials) In credential files, best to have a default profile. Otherwise we need to specify which profil...

Jun 10, 2016 · Using boto3 to query DynamoDb to find, for example, all the records that have a latitude field you might issue a query like this resp = table.scan( FilterExpression=Attr('lat').exists()) Except DynamoDb is capped at only scanning 1Mb of results per call.