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Re: Re: Valve Cover Gasket Causing Lean Running - P0174 & P0171 Fuel mileage is around 14. Was high 16 to 17 before the light came on. Like you said, though, the ecm is compensating for what the car believes is a lean condition. It did start to get cold right around that time, now that I think about it. Sent from Free App[/color]

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Mar 14, 2010 · Start the car and let it warm up. Disconnect the vacuum line from your egr valve and hook a vaccuum line connected to a vacuum pump to the egr valve and apply vacuum to the egr valve. The car should stall or run very rough due to an extreme lean condition caused by the valve being opened and causing exhaust flow into the plenum.

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Im trying to do a leak down test on my 02 rm 250 cause i think i have bad crank seals. When i try to pressurize it leaks bad ot the left side pv cover. i opened it up and there is like a vent hole into that area that all my air is coming out Is this normal and and that area should pressurize and ... Dec 08, 2015 · Racking my brain trying to find the source of the problem. Replaced fuel pump and filter (did have a fuel delivery issue due to weak pump). Replaced the PCV valve, hose (and elbow) and another vacuum line that were badly worn but not leaking.