Hornady interlock 308 165 grain btsp

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If you need controlled expansion, the 165 grain Hornady Interlock is pretty good/ softer than the GK at this weight. Also, weird as it may seem, the 150gr SST is pretty good out to about 500 yards. Varget is too slow for the 20" barreled Tactical. If you are using a max listed manual load, velocity will be about 2500fps.

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HORNADY .284 7MM 180GR ELD MATCH HORNADY .308 155GR ELD MATCH. Home Products Bullets Hornady HORNADY .30 150GR BTSP INTERLOCK.

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Hornady .308 150 gr InterLock BTSP 10 Pack - Hornady - Our traditional line of bullets feature exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance. HORNADY 100 Gr Interlock BTSP .243 Dia / 220 Bullets. 33 00. ... .30 Caliber 147 Gr .308 dia FMJBT Bullets From Pull Down. 65 00. Sold Out. 7.62 MM / M61 150 GR AP ...

Hornady 243 Caliber 100 gr SP BT Interlock Jacketed Rifle Bullets. 6mm Great bullet for hunting deer size game. ... (.308) 150 gr BTSP $ 26.69. Out of Stock. Select ...