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Stoichiometry relay 13 10. White Board Races 14 11. Mole Scavenger Hunt 15 12. Periodic Table Trend War 16 Demos: 13. People Demos 17. 3 Introduction

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Please find attached the PowerPoint used for the discussion of Stoichiometry. Please feel free to use them to review the material or to get the notes if you missed a day or two. I will also post answers to some class activities here as well for those of you that did not get these answers in class. Transfer data between different activity is a common use case in android application. This example will tell you how to use Intent to transfer data to another activity and how to get response result data from...

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This page is an activity meant to be worked through as a small group of ideally 4 people. The activity gives students an introduction to stoichiometry with problems about molar ratios and theoretical yield.. Stoichiometry Quiz Doc

Feb 10, 2015 ยท Chemical stoichiometry describes the quantitative relationships between reactants and products in chemical reactions. We have previously measured quantities of reactants and products using masses for solids and volumes in conjunction with the molarity for solutions; now we can also use gas volumes to indicate quantities. Activity - Chemical Equations & Symbols. Stoichiometry - Ch. 9. Worksheet - Stoichiometry Worksheet - Limiting Reactants & Percent Yield Lab - Stoichiometry Lab - S'mores & Limiting Reactants. Gases - Ch. 10 & 11. Overview - Gases Worksheet - Gas Laws Worksheet - Ideal Gas Law & Stoichiometry Worksheet - Two More Gas Laws